Will it be a Happy New Year?

Claire Vane
December 31, 2020

I received a rather droll missive on WhatsApp this week which looked like a short film clip labelled ‘The highlights of 2020’. On pressing play, I found that nothing happened. This in itself was the joke; there were no highlights of 2020.

Of course, it’s not really true because, just as there are always the top and bottom 20% of performers, there are always lowlights and highlights of each year, if not professionally, then at least domestically, even where the zero point is worse than normal.

I will be hoping that the good things of 2020 will persist beyond the vaccinations - e.g. much cleaner rivers where we live, more exercise, more time for the piano or our respective musical interests, more time on the tennis court or other sports and pursuits, to name but a few. We also have a hope for quality in leadership that will be even better for 2021 in the light of learning from 2020. Crises have a way of polarising the good and the bad; the trick is to retain the good and eliminate the bad.

This year promises in HR terms to be an extremely busy year as Brexit is implemented and legislation is passed to mirror what has been going on legislatively across all of Europe, with some country adjustments. This will therefore be a good time to overhaul all compliance documents and procedures and to review them again after one year as the case law builds up.

New Year is also always a time of reinvigoration and new intentions – but only those that we are realistically able to implement are worth putting on our lists. There are some wonderful techniques for helping individuals achieve what they really want, backed up by methods to access and check desire; you can do it if you really want to. Likewise, there are many mechanisms for keeping tensions at the lowest possible level to aid maximum mental health and productivity. Could this be the year that you achieve all the things you really want to by implementing useful techniques such as Seinfeld’s chain …

We have also here below put together the top blogs for 2020 to stimulate thought and debate. In the meantime, we wish you all a splendid 2021 and look forward to working with you as the year unfolds.

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Claire Vane

Claire is the Managing Director and Founder of Integrated Resources. She is passionate about releasing potential in individuals and organisations.

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