Coaching & Workshops

Sometimes a more personal approach is needed. Our experience coaching individuals and groups across the employment spectrum gives our coaches insight into a wide-range of employment issues.

Leadership Coaching

We provide expert coaching for leaders and train individuals for success at the highest level.

Career Guidance

Our experienced coaches can guide individuals towards their career goals, however big or small.

Performance Coaching

Improve individual and group performance with our bespoke training and allow your business to grow.

Team Workshops

Train teams to work better and increase overall productivity with our modular system.

Transition Coaching

We help individuals cope with workplace change and promote smooth transition into new roles.

Bespoke Workshops

We have developed a modular hierarchy of coaching so you can build the perfect course for your business.

"Claire made me feel confident about myself. She asked difficult questions and picked out the positives and negatives from my responses. She then explained why these were positives and negatives. This process was invaluable."
Richard Palmer
St Christopher School

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