"Integrated Resources' ability to get to the problem fast and provide a proper search function has been proven on numerous occasions to myself and to others I have been pleased to introduce them to."
David Crabb
Feedback PLC
"We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and we took a lot out of it. The way that Integrated Resources ran the day fitted the style of our team really well."
Adrian Smith
Reclaim Fund Ltd
"Initially sceptical about the power of good human resources input, I am now a complete convert. Integrated Resources is indispensable now to our business both for recruitment and for understanding employment law and performance management, just for starters."
Tim Clark
IE Music

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"Claire made me feel confident about myself. She asked difficult questions and picked out the positives and negatives from my responses. She then explained why these were positives and negatives. This process was invaluable."
Richard Palmer
St Christopher School
"Integrated Resources is a very useful asset to have in your tool kit; they have a broad range of employment law skills and abilities and apply them in a practical and empathetic way to the wide range of clients with whom we have worked with together."
Steve Barry
Munro Building Services
"Salary benchmarking from Integrated Resources has been invaluable to help us retain valuable employees while not allowing our salary bill to grow exponentially."
Maurice Cheng
Institute of Osteopathy
"Integrated Resources has always lived up to my expectations which are high both in terms of the negative sides of my work - restructuring - as well as the positive sides - performance management and workshops."
Ivor Stocker
BDRC Continental

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