Employment Law & Compliance

We can help your business navigate the intricacies of current employment legislation without the need for hiring expensive lawyers. From documentation through to procedures, we've got you covered.

Employee Relations

We help you establish trust-driven connections between line managers and employees.

Robust Documentation

Providing comprehensive documents from employee handbooks to contracts and policies.


We ensure your business restructure journey remains fully compliant and headache free.

Settlement Agreements

Draft legal documents to resolve disputes without the need for costly employment lawyers.

HR Shared Services

Organise HR activities into a single, shared administrative function to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Compliance Training

Cost-effective staff training for all aspects of employment law to bolster your business compliance standards.

"Integrated Resources is a very useful asset to have in your tool kit; they have a broad range of employment law skills and abilities and apply them in a practical and empathetic way to the wide range of clients with whom we have worked with together."
Steve Barry
Munro Building Services

Compliance Case Study

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Performance Management

We make organisations fit for purpose and help them to achieve their full potential. Our interventions are tailored directly to your needs and allow your business to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Performance Development

Training individuals, teams and leaders within your organisation to achieve targeted business goals.

Due Diligence

Investigation of business practices of process and policy to better understand your corporate presence.

Releasing pOTENTIAL

Unleash your company’s potential with comprehensive performance strategy and HR guidance.

360° Feedback

We engineer co-ordinated full-scope feedback for individuals and projects across your organisation.

Organisation Audit

In-depth and industry specific auditing to ensure your company is performing at the highest level.

Engagement & Wellbeing

Making and maintaining a direct link between staff satisfaction and business output.

"Integrated Resources has always lived up to my expectations which are high both in terms of the negative sides of my work - restructuring - as well as the positive sides - performance management and workshops."
Ivor Stocker
BDRC Continental

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Reward & Benefits

We design efficient and compliant reward structures that allow you to set clear objectives for your employees while implementing benefits strategies that contribute to your company’s success.


Outsourced research to establish benchmarked criteria across the entire reward package.

Employee Incentivisation

We design bespoke strategies to provide your staff with the incentives they need to excel.

Contract Negotiation

Nailing down the finer points within contracts and ensuring reward compliance.

HMRC Liaison

Take the hassle out of liaison with HMRC with our outsourced service to ensure nothing slips through the net.

Reward Benefit Structures

We specialise in devising benefit structures to maximise the value of your reward budget.

Alternative Reward

Helping you consider the benefits of non-cash reward structures and recognition programmes.

"Salary benchmarking from Integrated Resources has been invaluable to help us retain valuable employees while not allowing our salary bill to grow exponentially."
Maurice Cheng
Institute of Osteopathy

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Coaching & Workshops

Sometimes a more personal approach is needed. Our experience coaching individuals and groups across the employment spectrum gives our coaches insight into a wide-range of employment issues.

Leadership Coaching

We provide expert coaching for leaders and train individuals for success at the highest level.

Career Guidance

Our experienced coaches can guide individuals towards their career goals, however big or small.

Performance Coaching

Improve individual and group performance with our bespoke training and allow your business to grow.

Team Workshops

Train teams to work better and increase overall productivity with our modular system.

Transition Coaching

We help individuals cope with workplace change and promote smooth transition into new roles.

Bespoke Workshops

We have developed a modular hierarchy of coaching so you can build the perfect course for your business.

"Claire made me feel confident about myself. She asked difficult questions and picked out the positives and negatives from my responses. She then explained why these were positives and negatives. This process was invaluable."
Richard Palmer
St Christopher School

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Psychometrics & Analysis

Gaining an insight into employee behaviours and modes of operation can be vital to the success of your business. We deploy a range of psychometrics to help you better understand your workforce.

Assessment Tools

We use a variety of psychometric tools to assess individuals and better understand how they work.

Ability Testing

Quantify the qualities of people within your organisation and gain insight into employee potential.

Individual Profiles

Produce detailed psychometric profiles for individuals, focusing on a variety of key aptitudes.

Team Dynamics

Create psychometric team profiles to map how individuals work in relation to their colleagues.

Results Feedback & Analysis

Our consultants provide detailed feedback on all our testing to give you the best possible insight.

Evaluation & Strategy

We devise strategy based on psychometrics, providing the evaluation needed to develop talent.

"We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and we took a lot out of it. The way that Integrated Resources ran the day fitted the style of our team really well."
Adrian Smith
Reclaim Fund Ltd

Case Study

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