Employment Law & Compliance

Getting In Line

We can help your business navigate the intricacies of current employment legislation without the need for hiring expensive lawyers. From documentation through procedures, we've got you covered.

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Search & Selection

The Perfect Fit

At Integrated Resources we help you mitigate the recruitment gamble and select candidates who are the perfect fit for your business. From defining a role through to negotiation and references, we are ready to help.

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Performance Management

Up, Up And Away

We make organisations fit for purpose and help them to achieve their full potential. Our interventions are tailored directly to your needs and allow your business to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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Rewards & Benefits

Perks Of The Job

We design efficient and compliant reward structures that allow you to set clear objectives for your employees while implementing benefits strategies that contribute to your company’s success.

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Coaching & Workshops

Train For Success

Sometimes a more personal approach is needed. Our experience coaching individuals and groups across the employment spectrum gives our coaches insights into a wide-range of employment issues.

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Psychometrics & Analysis

The Science Bit

Gaining an insight into employee behaviours and modes of operation can be vital to the success of your business. We deploy a range of psychometrics to help you better understand your workforce.

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