Demystifying Psychometrics Event

Claire Vane
September 10, 2018

Event invitation and FREE Psychometric - Answers to all the questions you’ve never been able to ask!


Thursday 11th October




Ellwood Atfield Gallery, 34 Smith Square, Westminster SW1P 3HL


£40 (price includes a free Lumina Spark profile, wine and canapes, opportunity to network, and a chance to listen to our psychometric experts and users)

“Personality begins where comparison ends”. We must look at ourselves to truly be ourselves. Enter psychometrics. Psychometrics enable us to measure the immeasurable – personality traits and characteristics. We have used a number of psychometrics over the years, and since being accredited to use our favourite, ‘Lumina Spark’, we have found it to be unrivalled.

Indeed, some of you may already have heard about Lumina from some of our previous blogs. ‘Lumina Spark’ differentiates itself from other psychometrics through a number of different factors, but perhaps the most notable of which is its three ‘personas’: underlying (most natural), everyday (general presentation of self to other) and overextended (under more stress). These personas enable us to understand how we might react in different situations.

Psychometrics are an incredibly powerful tool in the workplace and can be used to enhance recruitment practices, coaching for interview and for transitions in life and work, and to find out about the best match of people for roles to aid retention. Lumina gives all the advantages of traditional psychometric tools but with a lot more besides.

To join us for this event, follow the link below to get in touch and register your interest.

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(after getting in touch to register your interest, we will contact you with a link to your FREE psychometric and to arrange payment of the £40 event fee)

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Claire Vane

Claire is the Managing Director and Founder of Integrated Resources. She is passionate about releasing potential in individuals and organisations.

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