Transform your life and work - how to be happier and more productive

Claire Vane
June 18, 2024

Countless books have been written on happiness and productivity, but there is more than one factor in making someone feel good. To achieve an outcome, we need to work out where it is we are heading; what is our outcome? To do this, we need to access our desires, and human beings find this surprisingly difficult. Individuals do generally know that they are not ‘happy/content/satisfied’ with their lot, and they know they need to make a change and may even want to make a change, but cannot work out exactly what they need to do and how to do it.

If we are not happy, we become less productive and less able to achieve as much as we want or to be as happy as we would like.

Our workshop focuses on both work and home and your overall life, is hugely practical and can help you plan successfully the next decade and assist with transitions, productivity and overall achievement of your life goals, whatever their nature.


• Explore your journey to date in all areas of life
• Review the positives and the negatives.
• Guide your thinking about what you really want.
• Analysis of you yourself and the market and ensuring that there is a good match.
• Work with you on exploring ways to capture greater peace of mind, happiness and productivity.
• Help you to set goals for yourself and explore why achievable outcomes matter.
• You will undergo a psychometric profile ahead of the workshop and will also receive a feedback session.
• You will come away, after the workshop itself, with a clear action plan, including a realistic timeline and a good understanding of your own values and drivers of behaviour.
• In addition, you will receive a recommended reading list and the opportunity for a one-hour, one-to-one follow-up session after the workshop to help you maximise your success.

If you would like further information on our workshop on how to transform your life and work, please do get in touch.

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