Are you missing a trick? A Childcare scheme that benefits everyone!

Claire Vane
March 7, 2023

Read on to learn how childcare can become more affordable and how you can give a benefit to those employees who face the challenges of childcare, knowing that this is an incredibly stressful issue generally within families.

Did you know …..?
-Over a third of mothers who return to work only just break even or make a financial loss due to the cost of childcare.
-50k women leave the workforce every year because of the high costs of childcare relative to earnings.
-UK early years childcare is among the most expensive in all OECD countries with parents spending, on average, 55% of their total income on childcare.

If you’re an employer looking to increase your staff benefits or boost take-home pay for parents of young children (not to mention the National Insurance savings), take a look at what YellowNest offer.

The following video explains a bit more about the YellowNest approach.

This unique salary exchange model available means that, If you sacrifice a portion of your salary pre-tax, there is a tax-efficient way to process up to 100% of childcare payments, which makes it extremely attractive to parents, employers and nurseries.

So, yes; it is probably the case that you are missing a trick. And you can make savings easily accessible from an online portal through a monthly subscription for every parent that signs up without complex launch communications.

As one who has brought up two children, with all the childcare issues entailed in working full-time, I wish I could wind the clock back…

The best we can do is to bring this to your attention so that some employers can tangibly support staff through this innovative childcare benefit.

Want to know more? Please do get in touch.

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